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What Shall We Do Now?
screws. Next make the deck, which should not be more than an eighth of an inch thick and should fit very closely at the edges.
The mast (C), which should be about three-eighths of an inch in diameter at the foot, and should taper slightly, must stand one foot above the deck, and pass through the deck four and a half inches from the bow. First pass it through the hole in the deck and place it in position, leaning a little back from the bows ; then slip up the deck and mark the place in the bottom of the boat where the mast rests, and there fix, with four small brass
screws, a block of wood with a hole in it, into which the mast can be firmly " stepped." Then on the upper side of the deck, just in front of the mast-hole, screw a small eyelet. This is to hold the line called the foresail sheet (L), but as the deck is only an eighth of an inch thick you must place a little block of wood under the deck, into which the eyelet can be screwed. Directly this is done, the deck is ready to be screwed firmly to the boat with brass screws. If you are in any doubt as to its being water-tight, you had better bore a hole in it and put a cork in, so that you can tip it up and empty it after each voyage.
The bowsprit (J), a quarter of an inch in diameter, should be three and a half inches long, two inches of which project beyond the bow. Screw "t firmly to the boat. You have now to shape
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