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254             What Shall We Do Now?
Barley Sugar
i lb. castor sugar.                            ^ a pint of water.
The white of an egg.                       \ a lemon.
Dissolve the sugar in the water, and add the well-beaten white of an egg (this must be done before the mixture is heated). Then put on the fire in a strong saucepan. Remove all scum as it rises, and when the syrup begins to look clear, take off the fire and strain through muslin. Put the syrup back into the sauce­pan and let it boil quickly until you find by testing it that it is done. Then add the juice of the lemon and pour on to a buttered dish. Before the mixture sets cut it into strips and twist.
Chocolate Caramels
i tea-cup golden syrup or treacle.               2 oz. butter.
1 tea-cup brown sugar.                               4 oz. powdered chocolate.
1 tea-cup milk.                        .                   A pinch of salt.
16 drops of vanilla.
Boil all together for half an hour, stirring continually.
Cocoanut caramels are made in the same way, except that 1 oz. of grated or desiccated cocoanut is used instead of the chocolate.
Cocoanut Cream
iJj- lb. loaf sugar.            4 oz. grated cocoanut.            Cochineal.
Melt the sugar with as little water as possible. Continue to let it boil gently until the syrup begins to return to sugar again. Directly this happens put in the cocoanut and mix thoroughly. Pour half of the mixture into a flat dish or tin, mix a little cochineal with the other half, and pour it quickly on the first half.
Cocoanut Cream (another way)
1 cocoanut, grated.              4 a cup of cocoanut-milk.
1 lb. loaf sugar.                   1 oz. butter.
Put the sugar, cocoanut-milk, and butter into a saucepan.
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