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258              What Shall We Do Now?
Stuffed Dates, etc.
Very dainty and good sweets can be made without cooking at all. All that is necessary is to have a certain amount of cream with which to stuff or surround stoned dates, cherries, and French plums, or walnuts and almonds.
The cream is made in this way. Put the white of an egg and one tablespoonful of water into a bowl, and into this stir gradually I lb. of confectioner's sugar (confectioner's sugar or " icing " is the only kind that will do), working it very smooth with a spoon. This will make a stiff paste, which can be moulded into whatever shape you please. The cream can then be divided into different portions, and each portion flavoured as you like best. A few drops of vanilla or lemon juice, a little grated cocoanut or chocolate, or some pounded almonds, make excellent flavourings. Part of it can be coloured pink with cochineal, or green with spinach-colouring.
When this is done, stone some dates, French plums, or raisins, or blanch some almonds and slit them in two, or have ready a number of the dried walnuts which can be bought at any grocer's. Only the perfect halves must be used. Form some of the cream into little balls and put it between two walnut halves or two almond halves, or stuff the other fruit with it. Trim all the sweets very neatly with a knife and roll them in granulated sugar. This is prettier when it has been coloured pink or green, but there is no necessity to do so.
To colour the sugar, mix about I oz. with a few drops of green or pink colouring ; dry it thoroughly, and, if the grains are not quite free, put the sugar between some paper and roll it, or crush with an iron.
Another richer mixture for filling dates, etc., can be made as follows :—Mix -|- lb. of ground almonds with I oz. of ground pistachios. Beat the whites of 3 eggs to a stiff froth and add the almonds and |- lb. of confectioner's sugar. Colour with green. Almonds can be bought already ground.
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