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THE ordinary garden which is set apart for the young gardener is any odd corner of the large garden ; but if you really want to garden seriously, and are keen enough about it to take all the trouble which is necessary in growing beautiful flowers, beg for a good bed ; that is, one which has good soil, and is not altogether in the shade. Nothing is so discouraging as to work with poor stony soil in a corner where the sun rarely shines. But such a plot is good enough for the careless gardener who is content with mustard and cress and a few straggling annuals. A good bed is a responsibility, for it generally means that it is taken out of the care of an experienced person to be given to an entirely inexperi­enced one, and the new gardener will have a great deal of work and worry before it is worthy of the rest of the garden. But if one loves flowers, nothing so repays labour as gardening.
It is your business, as a gardener, to know everything you can about your flowers. A gardener should be able to recognise seeds as well as seedlings ; to know what treatment each flower likes best ; and to exercise a special care for tender plants which need protection until there is no longer any danger of frost. The beauty of a flower depends very much upon its content. Many flowers need particular soils ; some need dry soil, some moisture, some shade, and some sun ; and the gardener, who is a kind of mother to the flowers, will have to remember all those things.
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