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What Shall We Do Now?              263
everything that happened in the garden. The sowing of seeds would be recorded ; also when the seedlings first appear; when they are thinned out, and when they blossom : in fact, everything to do with the life of the plants. A little collection of drawings of seedlings would be of great use in helping to distinguish them another year. At the end of the book might be written the names of any plants that the owner would like to have, or any special information about the culture of a plant, or the descrip­tion of some arrangement which had been admired in another garden.
Where several children have gardens in the same big garden, or the same neighbourhood, a flower-show is very interesting to hold now and then. To do this it is needful first to find some one willing to act as judge, and—if agreeable—to give several small prizes in addition to certificates of merit. The different things for which prizes are offered will depend, of course, upon what the competitors can grow. There might be prizes for different flowers, for collections of flowers, and for lettuces or radishes, if there are enough competitors who grow such things. But the most important prize would go perhaps to the owner of the best-kept garden. Another for the best arrangement of bunches of flowers, garden and wild, might lead to some very pretty bouquets.
For simple gardening the following tools are needed :—Spade, trowel, hoe, rake, watering-can with a fine rose, syringe. They should all be strong and good. Besides these tools you will need either wooden labels or other home-made means of marking seeds, some strong sticks to use as supports for tall-growing plants, and bass to tie them up with. A pair of gloves—any old ones will do—is very necessary.
Plants should never be watered when the sun is shininsr on them. Early morning in spring, and late afternoon or early evening in summer, is the best time. It is best to water with rain-water from the butt if possible, or, if not, with water which
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