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What Shall We Do Now?
Weeds atid seedlings.
It is most important to know what the baby-plants will look like when they come up, because one has to weed hard in the warm showery weather, and if one is not careful, mignonette, sweet-peas, and poppies may go on the rubbish heap, and chick-weed and groundsel be left on the flower-bed ; which, although it is what the birds like, will, later, be very disheartening to you. Of course, if your seeds are well marked, there will be less difficulty, but even then weeds will come up amongst them. The only safe way is to get to know the appearance of all the seedlings, and to help you to remember it is a good thing to make little drawings of them in your garden notebook.
Some seeds, such as cornflowers, godetias, nemophila, and poppies, can be sown in the autumn. They will stand the winter as a rule and will make finer plants and blossom earlier than if sown in spring. They should be sown thinly in open ground.
A list of annuals that can be grown very easily and require no special knowledge, or anything but ordinary attention, is now given. It is, of course, very far indeed from completeness, but a garden containing only the flowers mentioned here would still be a very gay, sweet, and pleasant place. Every seed mentioned can be bought in penny packets.
Autitmn sowing.
A list of annuals.
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