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Comments on the fore­going list of annuals.
270             What Shall We Do Now?
A few notes concerning several of the flowers in the above list are here given :—
Sweet Alyssum.—A few seeds of this flower may be sown in September in a rockery, or in the border, as it is very hardy and will blossom earlier than if sown in spring. If prevented from seeding—by keeping its flowers cut—it will blossom a second time in the same summer.
Convolvulus Major.—This must not be sown until the begin­ning of May.
Coreopsis.—Water the seedlings regularly as they like a moist soil.
Comfloivers.—These seedlings transplant well. Three plants, about 8 inches apart, make a nice little clump. It is best to keep the clumps to one colour.
Godetias.—These flowers are worth growing with great care for they are very lovely and brilliant. The seedlings transplant easily. They must be watered well while flowering.
Marigolds.—If you once have these in your garden it will be very difficult to get rid of them as they sow themselves so freely. But they are very bright and blossom gaily right into November.
Mignonette.—These seedlings cannot be transplanted and they must be thinned out very severely. Leave 6 inches or more between each plant, and water well. The beginning of April is early enough to sow seed. It can also be sown in pots in August and kept out of doors until the nights are really cold. Do not leave more than five plants in a pot.
Nasturtiums.—Sow in an open sunny place, putting the seeds about 3 inches apart, and quite 1 inch deep. The Tom Thumb dwarf varieties, which are the best, can be bought in mixed packets for a penny. Among different kinds of Tom Thumbs are Empress of India, rich scarlet with dark leaves. Carnea Rosea, rose colour, and Pearl, creamy white, are particularly beautiful. Nasturtium seedlings are easily transplanted.
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