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What Shall We Do Now?             271
Poppies.—Poppies are very satisfactory flowers. They are beautiful and varied in colour ; no flower comes up so easily and so surely. You can count on having a plant from almost every seed. For this reason the seeds should be thinly sown (mixing them before sowing with a little sand) for it is a great pity to have to throw away numbers of delicate seedlings, and the plants must always be 6 inches apart. Shirley poppies are the most delicately beautiful of all. Their petals seem almost to be made of silk, and their colours—white, pink, salmon, and crimson —are very lovely. The seeds are tiny and should have only a very slight covering of fine earth. The seedlings must be thinned out 6 inches apart if you want good plants. Ddnebrog is a large bright single scarlet poppy with a white blotch on each petal. The Mikado poppies are fringed and very gay. In addition to these there are the great double peony-flowered poppies—red, salmon, white and purple, and also beautiful single white ones. Poppy seedlings will not transplant.
Sunjlowers.—-These seeds should be sown in the first week in May, i inch deep.
Sweet-Peas.—In many ways the best of all annuals, sweet-peas, need good soil. They should be sown in early spring in rows or clumps. The seeds should be I inch deep and about 2 inches apart. The seedlings must always be protected from birds by a covering of netting or by ordinary pea-guards.
When they are about 4 inches high these coverings can be removed, and sticks on which they are to climb put in on each side of the rows or round the clumps. When putting in the sticks care must be taken not to injure the roots. If the sweet-peas are picked as soon as they blossom, and never allowed to run to seed, they will flower all through the summer. They should be watered every day in dry weather, and they will be all the finer if slop-water is used.
Sweet Sultan.—This flower likes a soil that has lime in it. Sow about the middle of April and do your best to keep it
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