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What Shall We Do Now?
Planting bulbs.
For planting bulbs choose a day when the earth is dry, and make your holes with a trowel. If you want to make a clump of bulb-plants, take away the earth to the right depth from the whole area you wish to fill, place your bulbs in position, points upwards, and cover over, pressing the earth firmly down.
In planting a bulb in a hole made for it by a trowel or dibber, be very careful to see that it is resting on earth, and is not "hung," that is to say, kept from touching the earth underneath because of the narrowness of the hole.
All bulbs may be protected during the winter by laying heather, bracken, or straw over them. This must be neatly pegged down, and removed in March.
Never cut all the leaves of plants growing from bulbs, but allow those that are unpicked to die down naturally. If they look very untidy, as the leaves of the Star of Bethlehem always do, tie them up tightly. Seeds of annuals can always be sown among bulbs, and they will hide dying leaves and fill up the places that are left vacant.
A beautiful little spring border can be made by planting in a row scillas, snowdrops, and winter aconites. In March sow candytuft, alyssum, gilia, nasturtiums, to take their place, or plant forget-me-nots, thrift, and pansies.
A list of bulbs follows, with special directions as to the depth at which each is to be planted, together with other information. It should be borne in mind that the depth given is the depth between the surface of the ground and the top (or shoulder) of the bulb. (If you have the least doubt as to which is the top of the bulb, it would be wise to ask advice.)
Anemones {single).—Plant anemones from October to March, 3 inches deep and 4 inches apart, where they will have shade part of the day. Water well in dry weather, especially when in flower. These bulbs are fourpence a dozen mixed.
Crocuses should be planted in September, 2 inches deep Fifteenpence a hundred.
Culling leaves.
A bulb
A list oj bulbs.
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