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282              What Shall We Do Now?
cream deepening to orange, a good climber. Besides these, for country-growing there are the common white and pink moss roses, and the very beautiful pink and crimson China or monthly roses, as well as many others, all beautiful and desirable, which are named and described in every good catalogue.
Other shady plants.
V.Ferneries and Rockeries
If your garden is a very shady one, it is a good thing to make it into a fernery, or rockery, or both. If you decide to have a fernery, dig over as deeply as possible that part of the garden which you are going to use for it. It is much more interesting to get your own ferns than to buy them. In digging them up the greatest care must be taken not to break off any of the delicate fibrous parts of the root. Ferns should be watered every evening with a fine rose. Leave the old fronds on the plants to protect them through the winter, cutting them off when the new fronds push up in spring. Fallen leaves also make a warm protection, and if gently dug in in spring they enrich the soil. Stones laid between the ferns will help to keep the earth moist.
Solomon's Seal (a beautiful plant with arching stems from which the leaves grow upwards and delicate white flowers hang), bulbs that like shade, white, yellow, and red foxgloves (grown from seed), and lilies of the valley, all grow well among ferns. Lilies of the valley should be planted early in autumn, each plant quite three inches from the next, as they increase quickly. Remember that a few branches of evergreen laid over the lily plants will protect them from frost, and they will be much more luxuriant if covered with manure through the winter. They must be well watered while the leaves and flowers are growing.
A rockery should be like a little piece of wild country in miniature. A good rockery is made by digging out earth in one
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