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What Shall We Do Now?              283
place and heaping it up in others, so as to form one or two little hills with a valley between ; lining the valley with flat stones, leaving spaces between each ; and fixing other stones firmly into the hills—some flat and some standing on end. The stones should be natural ones, for clinkers are too ugly to put with flowers.
Between the stones put little rock plants such as stonecrops, saxifrages, rock pinks, white periwinkle, aubretia, yellow alyssum. Thyme, violets, small ferns, and bulbs will also grow in a rock garden. A few seeds of dwarf wallflower, dropped among the stones in April, will flower early the next spring. If you live in the country you can probably get from the woods Creeping Jenny, small ferns, a few primroses, and mossy stones.
" Shades" are subterranean gardens: holes in the ground, some 1 8 inches deep and about a foot square (or larger), the sides of which are covered with moss and little ferns. At the bottom you can sink a pot or a tin, which must always be kept filled with water. It is more interesting if a toad or a frog lives there. Over the hole stands a shade made of glass and wood, which, together with the water, keeps it cool and moist.
VI.—Kitchen Gardens
If you want to grow other things besides flowers, lettuces, radishes, and mustard and cress are interesting to raise. Strawberries, too, are easy to cultivate, but they need some patience, as the first year's growth brings very few berries. In sowing the seeds of lettuce, radish, and mustard and cress, follow directions given for sowing flower seeds on pp. 266-268. If you want to grow even the few things mentioned, which need only very simple culture, the soil of the garden must be good.
Sow a few seeds of cos or cabbage-lettuce very thinly in a line once every three weeks from March to July, When the
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