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Buying dogs.
298              What Shall We Do Now?
enterprising puppy learns more by observation and experience in a week than a pampered lap-dog does in his whole life ; he learns self-reliance, but he will always run to his master or mistress in any real difficulty, and you who are his master or mistress must be wary not to misunderstand or disregard him, for he needs sympathy and love, and if he does not get them he either becomes cowed and stupid or a ne'er-do-weel.
If you wish to buy a dog, the best way is to get the catalogue of some big dog show, such as the one held at the Crystal Palace, and find the address of a well-known breeder of the kind of dog you wish to have. If you write to him and tell him exactly what you want he will probably send you a suitable puppy at a fair price. If you think of buying through an advertisement, have the dog on approval first. Good dogs have been bought at the Battersea Dog Home, but there is always the danger that one coming from a home may turn out a rover. Another objection to buying a dog at all casually is that you will not know either his temper, which is generally inherited, or his age. In all cases it is best to buy puppies and train them yourself. This means a good deal of trouble at first, and takes time and patience, but the younger the puppy the easier he is to train. The best age is about five weeks old. With constant attention day and night for a few weeks you will have a perfectly trained dog who will be a perfect companion to you for years.
Brief descriptions of some of the best known dogs are here given, beginning with terriers :—
The Airedale terrier, or Yorkshire Tyke, is one of the gamest and most useful of dogs. He is very trustworthy, and gentle too, although he will kill any doggish " game," from a rat to an otter. Like all terriers he is too fond of fighting his own kind, but he is a good guard and companion, and a very safe play­mate. His coat should be broken and wiry and free from curl, while his colour is grizzle and tan.
The Airedale terrier.
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