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What Shall We Do Now?              301
The Newfoundland is one of the grandest of beasts. The true Newfoundland is black all over, except for a white star on the chest, and he stands at least 27 inches at the shoulder. The black-and-white specimens are called Landseer Newfoundlands, on account of the famous painter's fondness for them. In character these dogs are dignified and magnanimous, and they are particu­larly good with children. Many stories are told of their gallant efforts in saving life from drowning. The Newfoundland is used for draught in the island from which he takes his name.
The mastiff is the best of all guards ; it is more pure instinct with him to guard his master's property than it is with any other breed. He is honest through and through, and as a rule he is gentle and a good companion. He is a thoroughly English dog.
The bull-dog is stupid and not particularly affectionate. Although excitable he is not quarrelsome or savage, and if reason­ably treated no doubt would make a quiet, faithful pet. A not too highly bred bull-dog is likely to be more intelligent than his very blue-blooded relations.
The most majestic of dogs is the St. Bernard. He is high-couraged and sagacious and very discriminating in his devotion. Once your friend, he is always your friend. Although with you he never makes a mistake, he is apt to growl at strangers, and is not to be relied on to be polite to visitors. If you have one of the rough-coated variety you must groom him regularly and take great care of him, as he is a delicate dog and subject to weakness in the back and hind legs if he is allowed to get wet or lie on damp ground.
The Great Dane, or boarhound, is a powerful and active dog. His appearance is suggestive almost of a wild beast, and he is particularly well fitted to act as guard. He is gentle and manage­able with those he knows, and his great courage, intelligence, and strength make him a most desirable companion.
Hounds are all sagacious, interesting dogs. The Fox-hound, with his dash and speed and wonderful endurance ; the Harrier,
The New­foundland.
The mastiff.
The bull­dog.
St. Bernard.
Great Dane.
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