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What Shall We Do Now?
Toy dogs.
The Pomeranian.
slower, but with perhaps keener scent; the shaggy, irritable Otter Hound ; the Beagle and the Basset: all are wise beasts. They are not, however, very well fitted for house dogs, unless you have a puppy to " walk " from some neighbouring M.F.H., when you will probably grow so fond of the loving, playful baby that you will feel very sad when the time comes for him to enter the pack and learn his work.
Of hounds that hunt by sight we have the English Greyhound, swiftest of dogs, but neither very intelligent nor affectionate ; the Scotch Deerhound, dignified and very devoted to his master, and a wonderful jumper over gates and walking-sticks ; and the Irish Wolf-hound, bigger and less graceful than either of the others,, but with a great big heart and noble courage. Gelert was of this breed. There is also the Borzoi, whose appearance is a combina­tion of greyhound and setter, a very beautiful but rather stupid animal. Finally, there is the Blood-hound, remarkable for great intelligence, good temper, and fidelity. He is one of the finest of dogs, wise and self-reliant and capable of the truest devotion to his master. He seldom or never fights, but is full of courage in spite of his naturally nervous disposition.
Toy dogs are fairly intelligent, but noisy and wayward. They cannot be recommended as interesting pets, since they have little originality ; but they can be taught tricks, and if treated sensibly and not pampered, no doubt they would develop more intelligence. The best of the toy dogs are Pugs, Schipperkes, toy Pomeranians, the King Charles' Spaniel (black and tan in colour), and the Blen­heim spaniel (white and chestnut).
The Pomeranian is a sharp and rather snappy dog, not remarkable for either great intelligence or amiability ; but, as with all breeds, there are individual exceptions to this rule.
Poodles are intelligent and the best of all dogs for learning tricks. They are also very expensive.
Mongrels can be the best of friends. They are often more original and enterprising than their too highly-bred cousins, and
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