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The choice of occupations for Sunday is best left to parents. Different people have such very different views as to the right treatment of Sunday, and all have so many good reasons for believing as they do, that it is undesirable in a book like this to offer any advice at all. We have therefore merely mentioned a very few of the more old-fashioned ways of spending the time.
There are several games already described which are often adapted for Sunday use. Acrostics, for example (see p. 51), becomes a Sunday game by keeping the words chosen to the names of people or places in the Bible. Similarly Letters (see p. 137) can be used for scriptural names, and Capping Verses (see p. 79) for texts and quotations from hymns. Sunday " Clumps " (see p. 80) can be very interesting.
A favourite Sunday pastime used to be the making of Bible clocks. The first thing to do is to draw a circle on a piece of paper and then to divide it into twelve compartments of equal size, in which you place figures I to XII, as in a clock. You next take a word, such as " Love," and write it neatly in compart­ment I, then you find eleven other texts, or parts of texts, to inscribe in the remaining eleven compartments, each text con­taining the word " Love," and having the same number of words as the figure of the clock denotes. Thus in compartment II there must be two words, " Love " and one other ; in No. Ill, three words, " Love" and two others ; and so forth. Of course it is
Sunday games.
Bible clocks.
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