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16                              Tom Sawyer Abroad
" Don't I tell you it hasn't got anything to do with farming? Farming is business just common low-down business: that's all it is, it's all you can say for it; but this is higher, this is religious, and totally different."
" Religious to go and take the land away from people that owns it?"
" Certainly; it's always been considered so."
Jim he shook his head, and says:
" Mars Tom, I reckon dey's a mistake about it somers — dey mos' sholy is. I's religious myself, en I knows plenty religious people, but I hain't run across none dat acts like dat."
It made Tom hot, and he says:
"Well, it's enough to make a body sick, such mullet-headed ignorance! If either of you'd read any­thing about history, you'd know that Richard Cur de Loon, and the Pope, and Godfrey de Bulleyn, and lots more of the most noble-hearted and pious people in the world, hacked and hammered at the paynims for more than two hundred years trying to take their land away from them, and swum neck-deep in blood the whole time —and yet here's a couple of sap-headed country yahoos out in the backwoods of Missouri set­ting themselves up to know more about the rights and wrongs of it than they did ! Talk about cheek !"
Well, of course, that put a more different light on it, and me and Jim felt pretty cheap and ignorant, and wished we hadn't been quite so chipper. I couldn't say nothing, and Jim he couldn't for a while; then he says: