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Tom Sawyer Abroad                              25
Away in the night, when all the sounds was late sounds, and the air had a late feel, and a late smell, too — about a two-o'clock feel, as near as I could make out — Tom said the professor was so quiet this time he must be asleep, and we'd better—
" Better what?" I says in a whisper, and feeling sick all over, because I knowed what he was thinking about.
"Better slip back there and tie him, and land the ship," he says.
I says : " No, sir ! Don't you budge, Tom Sawyer."
And Jim — well, Jim was kind o' gasping, he was so scared. He says:
" Oh, Mars Tom, don't! Ef you teches him, we's gone — we's gone sho' ! I ain't gwine anear him, not for nothin' in dis worl'. Mars Tom, he's plumb crazy."
Tom whispers and says: " That's why we've got to do something. If he wasn't crazy I wouldn't give shucks to be anywhere but here; you couldn't hire me to get out — now that I've got used to this balloon and over the scare of being cut loose from the solid ground —■ if he was in his right mind. But it's no good politics, sailing around like this with a person that's out of his head, and says he's going round the world and then drown us all. We've got to do something, I tell you, and do it before he wakes up, too, or we mayn't ever get another chance. Come!"
But it made us turn cold and creepy just to think of it, and we said we wouldn't budge. So Tom was for slipping back there by himself to see if he couldn't get at the steering-gear and land the ship. We begged and