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Tom Sawyer Abroad                             29
"Well, then, it's just as I reckoned. The professor lied."
"Because if we was going so fast we ought to be past Illinois, oughtn't we?"
"Well, we ain't."
"What's the reason we ain't?"
" I know by the color. We're right over Illinois yet. And you can see for yourself that Indiana ain't in sight."
" I wonder what's the matter with you, Huck. You know by the color ?'
" Yes, of course I do."
" What's the color got to do with it?"
" It's got everything to do with it. Illinois is green, Indiana is pink. You show me any pink down here, if you can. No, sir; it's green."
' Indiana pink ? Why, what a lie !"
" It ain't no lie; I've seen it on the map, and it's pink."
You never see a person so aggravated and disgusted. He says:
"Well, if I was such a numbskull as you, Huck Finn, I would jump over. Seen it on the map ! Huck Finn, did you reckon the States was the same color out-of-doors as they are on the map?"
" Tom Sawyer, what's a map for? Ain't it to learn you facts?"
" Of course.'