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30                              Tom Sawyer Abroad
" Well, then, how's it going to do that if it tells lies? That's what I want to know."
" Shucks, you muggins! It don't tell lies."
" It don't, don't it?"
" No, it don't."
"All right, then; if it don't, there ain't no two States the same color. You git around that, if you can, Tom Sawyer."
He see I had him, and Jim see it too; and I tell you, I felt pretty good, for Tom Sawyer was always a hard person to git ahead of. Jim slapped his leg and says:
"I tell you I dat's smart, dat's right down smart. Ain't no use, Mars Tom; he got you dis time, sho' !" He slapped his leg again, and says, 4 'My lan\ but it was smart one!"
I never felt so good in my life; and yet / didn't know I was saying anything much till it was out. I was just mooning along, perfectly careless, and not expecting anything was going to happen, and never thinking of such a thing at all, when, all of a sudden, out it came. Why, it was just as much a surprise to me as it was to any of them. It was just the same way it is when a person is munching along on a hunk of corn-pone, and not thinking about anything, and all of a sudden bites into a di'mond. Now all that he knows first off is that it's some kind of gravel he's bit into; but he don't find out it's a di'mond till he gits it out and brushes off the sand and crumbs and one thing or another, and has a look at it, and then he's surprised