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34                            Tom Sawyer Abroad
"Tom Sawyer, you don't mean it!"
"Yes, I do, and it's dead sure. We've covered about fifteen degrees of longitude since we left St. Louis yesterday afternoon, and them clocks are right. We've come close on to eight hundred miles."
I   didn't believe it, but it made the cold streaks trickle down my back just the same. In my experi­ence I knowed it wouldn't take much short of two weeks to do it down the Mississippi on a raft.
Jim was working his mind and studying. Pretty soon he says:
* 'Mars Tom, did you say dem clocks uz right?"
"Yes, they're right."
" Ain't yo' watch right, too?"
"  She's right for St. Louis, but she's an hour wrong for here."
" Mars Tom, is you tryin' to let on dat de time ain't de same everywheres?"
"No, it ain't the same everywheres, by a long shot."
Jim looked distressed, and says:
" It grieves me to hear you talk like dat, Mars Tom; I's right down ashamed to hear you talk like dat, arter de way you's been raised. Yassir, it'd break yo' Aunt Polly's heart to hear you."
Tom was astonished. He looked Jim over wonder­ing, and didn't say nothing, and Jim went on:
" Mars Tom, who put de people out yonder in St. Louis? De Lord done it. Who put de people here whar we is? De Lord done it. Ain' dey bofe his