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Tom Sawyer Abroad                           37
up, and forgot everything and begun to gaze. Tom says:
"Ain't that the—" He catched his breath, then says: *' It is, sure as you live ! It's the ocean !'
That made me and Jim catch our breath, too. Then we all stood petrified but happy, for none of us had ever seen an ocean, or ever expected to. Tom kept muttering:
" Atlantic Ocean—Atlantic. Land, don't it sound great! And that's it— and we are looking at it — we ! Why, it's just too splendid to believe !"
Then we see a big bank of black smoke; and when we got nearer, it was a city — and a monster she was, too, with a thick fringe of ships around one edge; and we wondered if it was New York, and begun to jaw and dispute about it, and, first we knowed, it slid from under us and went flying behind, and here we was, out over the very ocean itself, and going like a cyclone. Then we woke up, I tell you!
We made a break aft and raised a wail, and begun to beg the professor to turn back and land us, but he jerked out his pistol and motioned us back, and we went, but nobody will ever know how bad we felt.
The land was gone, all but a little streak, like a snake, away off on the edge of the water, and down under us was just ocean, ocean, ocean — millions of miles of it, heaving and pitching and squirming, and white sprays blowing from the wave-tops, and only a few ships in sight, wallowing around and laying over,