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Tom Sawyer Abroad                               57
" Tom, do you know that to be so?"
"Certainly I do."
"Well, then, that map's a liar again. I never see such a liar as that map."
He fired up at that, and I was ready for him, and Jim was warming his opinion, too, and next minute we'd 'a' broke loose on another argument, if Tom hadn't dropped the glass and begun to clap his hands like a maniac and sing out:
" Camels ! Camels !''
So I grabbed a glass and Jim, too, and took a look, but I was disappointed, and says:
" Camels your granny; they're spiders."
" Spiders in a desert, you shad? Spiders walking in a procession? You don't ever reflect, Huck Finn, and I reckon you really haven't got anything to reflect with. Don't you know we're as much as a mile up in the air, and that that string of crawlers is two or three miles away? Spiders, good land ! Spiders as big as a cow? Perhaps you'd like to go down and milk one of 'em. But they're camels, just the same. It's a caravan, that's what it is, and it's a mile long."
"Well, then, let's go down and look at it. I don't believe in it, and ain't going to till I see it and know it."
"All right," he says, and give the command: " Lower away."
As we come slanting down into the hot weather, we could see that it was camels, sure enough, plodding