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68                              Tom Sawyer Abroad
the world, that way. Well, up in a balloon there ain't any of that, and it's the darlingest place there is.
We had supper, and that night was one of the prettiest nights I ever see. The moon made it just like daylight, only a heap softer; and once we see a lion standing all alone by himself, just all alone on the earth, it seemed like, and his shadder laid on the sand by him like a puddle of ink. That's the kind of moon­light to have.
Mainly we laid on our backs and talked; we didn't want to go to sleep. Tom said we was right in the midst of the Arabian Nights now. He said it was right along here that one of the cutest things in that book happened; so we looked down and watched while he told about it, because there ain't anything that is so interesting to look at as a place that a book has talked about. It was a tale about a camel-driver that had lost his camel, and he come along in the desert and met a man, and says:
" Have you run across a stray camel to-day?"
And the man says:
41 Was he blind in his left eye?"
" Had he lost an upper front tooth?"
" Yes."
" Was his off hind leg lame?"
" Was he loaded with millet-seed on one side and honey on the other?"
" Yes, but you needn't go into no more details-—