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76                              Tom Sawyer Abroad
" Maybe. I don't care nothing about its name, the thing I want to know is, what's become of it?"
Jim was trembling all over, and so scared he couldn't speak, but he wanted to ask that question himself if he could 'a' done it. Tom says:
"What's become of it? Why, you see yourself it's gone."
" Yes, I know; but where's it gone to ?"
He looked me over and says:
"Well, now, Huck Finn, where would it go to! Don't you know what a myridge is?"
"No, I don't. What is it?"
" It ain't anything but imagination. There ain't anything to it."
It warmed me up a little to hear him talk like that, and I says:
" What's the use you talking that kind of stuff, Tom Sawyer? Didn't I see the lake?"
" Yes —you think you did."
" I don't think nothing about it, I did see it."
"I tell you you didn't see it either — because it warn't there to see."
It astonished Jim to hear him talk so, and he broke in and says, kind of pleading and distressed:
" Mars Tom, please don't say sich things in sich an awful time as dis. You ain't only reskin' yo' own self, but you's reskin' us — same way like Anna Nias en Siffira. De lake wiiz dah — I seen it jis' as plain as I sees you en Huck dis minute."
I says: