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Tom Sawyer Abroad                               77
" Why, he seen it himself! He was the very one that seen it first. Now, then !"
" Yes, Mars Tom, hit's so you can't deny it. We all seen it, en dat prove it was dan."
" Proves it! How does it prove it?"
"Same way it does in de courts en everywheres, Mars Tom. One pusson might be drunk, or dreamy or suthin', en he could be mistaken; en two might, maybe; but I tell you, sah, when three sees a thing, drunk er sober, it's so. Dey ain't no gittin' aroun' dat, en you knows it, Mars Tom."
" I don't know nothing of the kind. There used to be forty thousand million people that seen the sun move from one side of the sky to the other every day. Did that prove that the sun done it?"
" Course it did. En besides, dey warn't no 'casion to prove it. A body 'at's got any sense ain't gwine to doubt it. Dah she is now a sailin' thoo de sky, like she allays done."
Tom turned on me, then, and says:
*' What do you say is the sun standing still?"
" Tom Sawyer, what's the use to ask such a jackass question? Anybody that ain't blind can see it don't stand still."
"Well," he says, "I'm lost in the sky with no company but a passel of low-down animals that don't know no more than the head boss of a university did three or four hundred years ago."
It warn't fair play, and I let him know it. I says: