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78                            Tom Sawyer Abroad
" Throwin' mud ain't arguin', Tom Sawyer."
" Oh, my goodness, oh, my goodness gracious, dah's de lake agi'n!" yelled Jim, just then. "Now, Mars Tom, what you gwine to say?"
Yes, sir, there was the lake again, away yonder across the desert, perfectly plain, trees and all, just the same as it was before. I says:
"I reckon you're satisfied now, Tom Sawyer."
But he says, perfectly ca'm:
" Yes, satisfied there ain't no lake there."
Jim says:
" Don't talk so, Mars Tom — it sk'yers me to hear you. It's so hot, en you's so thirsty, dat you ain't in yo' right mine, Mars Tom. Oh, but don't she look good ! 'clah I doan' know how I's gwine to wait tell we gits dah, I's so thirsty."
" Well, you'll have to wait; and it won't do you no good, either, because there ain't no lake there, I tell you."
I says:
" Jim, don't you take your eye off of it, and I won't, either."
" 'Deed I won't; en bless you, honey, I couldn't ef I wanted to."
We went a-tearing along toward it, piling the miles behind us like nothing, but never gaining an inch on it — and all of a sudden it was gone again! Jim stag­gered, and 'most fell down. When he got his breath he says, gasping like a fish:
" Mars Tom, hit's a ghos\ dat's what it is, en I