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Tom Sawyer Abroad                              89
the Great Sahara, and you would still have 2,000 square miles of sand left."
"Well," I says, "it clean beats me. Why, Tom, it shows that the Lord took as much pains makin' this Desert as makin' the United States and all them other countries."
Jim says: " Huck, dat don' stan' to reason. I reckon dis Desert wa'n't made at all. Now you take en look at it like dis ó you look at it, and see ef I's right. What's a desert good for? 'Taint good for nuthin'. Dey ain't no way to make it pay. Hain't dat so, Huck?"
"Yes, I reckon."
"Hain't it so, Mars Tom?"
" I guess so. Go on."
" Ef a thing ain't no good, it's made in vain, ain't it?"
"Now, den! Do de Lord make anything in vain? You answer me dat."
-Well óno, He don't."
" Den how come He make a desert?"
" Well, go on. How did He come to make it?"
1: Mars Tom, I b'lieve it uz jes like when you's buildin' a house; dey's allays a lot o' truck en rubbish lef over. What does you do wid it? Doan' you take en k'yart it off en dump it into a ole vacant back lot? 'Course. Now, den, it's my opinion hit was jes like datódat de Great Sahara warn't made at all, she jes happen'."
I said it was a real good argument, and I believed it was the best one Jim ever made. Tom he said the same,