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90                              Tom Sawyer Abroad
but said the trouble about arguments is, they ain't nothing but theories, after all, and theories don't prove nothing, they only give you a place to rest on, a spell, when you are tuckered out butting around and around trying to find out something there ain't no way to find out. And he says:
"There's another trouble about theories: there's always a hole in them somewheres, sure, if you look close enough. It's just so with this one of Jim's. Look what billions and billions of stars there is. How does it come that there was just exactly enough star-stuff, and none left over? How does it come there ain't no sand-pile up there?"
But Jim was fixed for him and says:
"What's de Milky Way? dat's what I want to know. What's de Milky Way? Answer me dat!"
In my opinion it was just a sockdologer. It's only an opinion, it's only my opinion and others may think different; but I said it then and I stand to it now it was a sockdologer. And moreover, besides, it landed Tom Sawyer. He couldn't say a word. He had that stunned look of a person that's been shot in the back with a kag of nails. All he said was, as for people like me and Jim, he'd just as soon have intellectual intercourse with a catfish. But anybody can say that and I notice they always do, when somebody has fetched them a lifter. Tom Sawyer was tired of that end of the subject.
So we got back to talking about the size of the Desert again, and the more we compared it with this