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110                            Tom Sawyer Abroad
course, and when they can't raise a thing there, the duty is fourteen hundred thousand per cent, on it if you try to fetch it in from where they do raise it."
" There ain't no sense in that, Tom Sawyer."
"Who said there was? What do you talk to me like that for, Huck Finn? You wait till I say a thing's got sense in it before you go to accusing me of say-ing it.
" All right, consider me crying about it, and sorry. Go on."
Jim says:
" Mars Tom, do dey jam dat duty onto everything we can't raise in America, en don't make no 'stinction 'twix' anything?"
" Yes, that's what they do."
" Mars lorn, ain't de blessin' o' de Lord de mos' valuable thing dey is?"
" Yes, it is."
" Don't de preacher stan' up in de pulpit en call it down on de people?"
" Whah do it come from?"
" From heaven."
"Yassir! you's jes' right, 'deed you is, honey it come from heaven, en dat's a foreign country. Now, den ! do dey put a tax on dat blessin' ?"
" No, they don't."
" Course dey don't; en so it stan' to reason dat you's mistaken, Mars Tom. Dey wouldn't put de tax on po' truck like san', dat everybody ain't 'bleeged to