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124                          Tom Sawyer Abroad
with their being similar or unsimilar, it's the princi­ple involved; and the principle is the same in both. Don't you see, now?"
I turned it over in my mind, and says:
"Tom, it ain't no use. Principles is all very well, but they don't git around that one big fact, that the thing that a balloon can do ain't no sort of proof of what a horse can do."
" Shucks, Huck, you don't get the idea at all. Now look here a minute — it's perfectly plain. Don't we fly through the air?"
" Yes."
'Very well. Don't we fly high or fly low, just as we please?"
" Yes."
" Don't we steer whichever way we want to?"
" Yes."
" And don't we land when and where we please?"
" Yes."
" How do we move the balloon and steer it?"
" By touching the buttons."
" Now I reckon the thing is clear to you at last. In the other case the moving and steering was done by turning a peg. We touch a button, the prince turned a peg. There ain't an atom of difference, you see. I knowed I could git it through your head if I stuck to it long enough."
He felt so happy he begun to whistle. But me and Jim was silent, so he broke off surprised, and says: " Looky here, Huck Finn, don't you see it yet?"