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Tom Sawyer Abroad                           125
I  says:
" Tom Sawyer, I want to ask you some questions.' "Go ahead," he says, and I see Jim chirk up to
" As I understand it, the whole thing is in the buttons and the peg the rest ain't of no consequence. A button is one shape, a peg is another shape, but that ain't any matter?"
" No, that ain't any matter, as long as they've both got the same power."
"All right, then. What is the power that's in a candle and in a match?"
"It's the fire."
" It's the same in both, then?"
" Yes, just the same in both."
" All right. Suppose I set fire to a carpenter shop with a match, what will happen to that carpenter shop?"
" She'll burn up."
"And suppose I set fire to this pyramid with a candle will she burn up?"
"Of course she won't."
"All right. Now the fire's the same, both times. Why does the shop burn, and the pyramid don't?"
" Because the pyramid can't burn."
" Aha! and a horse can7fly!"
"My Ian', ef Huck ain't got him ag'in! Huck's landed him high en dry dis time, I tell you ! Hit's de smartes' trap I ever see a body walk inter en ef I"