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136                            Tom Sawyer Abroad
8 A.M., village time, and be here in 24 hours, arriving at 2 or 3 P.M., Mount Sinai time."
Tom he read the piece of paper to us. He had wrote on it:
"Thursday Afternoon. Tom Sawyer the Erro-
nort sends his love to Aunt Polly from Mount Sinai where the Ark was, and so does Huck Finn, and she will get it to-morrow morning half-past six.*
" Tom Sawyer the Erronort."
"That'll make her eyes bulge out and the tears come," he says. Then he says:
" Stand by ! One two three away you go !"
And away she did go ! Why, she seemed to whiz out of sight in a second.
Then we found a most comfortable cave that looked out over the whole big plain, and there we camped to wait for the pipe.
The balloon come back all right, and brung the pipe; but Aunt Polly had catched Jim when he was getting it, and anybody can guess what happened: she sent for Tom. So Jim he says:
" Mars Tom, she's out on de porch wid her eye sot on de sky a-layin' for you, en she say she ain't gwyne to budge from dah tell she gits hold of you. Dey's gwyne to be trouble, Mars Tom, 'deed dey is."
So then we shoved for home, and not feeling very gay, neither.
*This misplacing of the Ark is probably Huck's error, not Tom's. M. T.