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E had powerful good luck; because we got a
chance in a stern-wheeler from away North which was bound for one of them bayous or one-horse rivers away down Louisiana way, and so we could go all the way down the Upper Mississippi and all the way down the Lower Mississippi to that farm in Arkansaw with­out having to change steamboats at St. Louis; not so very much short of a thousand miles at one pull.
A pretty lonesome boat; there warn't but few passengers, and all old folks, that set around, wide apart, dozing, and was very quiet. We was four days getting out of the " upper river," because we got aground so much. But it warn't dull — couldn't be for boys that was traveling, of course.
From the very start me and Tom allowed that there was somebody sick in the stateroom next to ourn, be­cause the meals was always toted in there by the wait­ers. By and by we asked about it — Tom did — and the waiter said it was a man, but he didn't look sick.
"Well, but ain't he sick?"
" I don't know; maybe he is, but 'pears to me he's just letting on."