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Tom Sawyer, Detective                         145
" What makes you think that?"
" Because if he was sick he would pull his clothes off some time or other — don't you reckon he would? Well, this one don't. At least he don't ever pull off his boots, anyway."
"The mischief he don't! Not even when he goes to bed?"
" No."
It was always nuts for Tom Sawyer— a mystery was. If you'd lay out a mystery and a pie before me and him, you wouldn't have to say take your choice; it was a thing that would regulate itself. Because in my nature I have always run to pie, whilst in his nature he has always run to mystery. People are made different. And it is the best way. Tom says to the waiter:
" What's the man's name?"
" Phillips."
" Where'd he come aboard?"
4 41 think he got aboard at Elexandria, up on the Iowa line."
" What do you reckon he's a-playing?"
"I hain't any notion — I never thought of it."
I says to myself, here's another one that runs to pie.
4'Anything peculiar about him?—the way he acts or talks?"
" No—nothing, except he seems so scary, and keeps his doors locked night and day both, and when you knock he won't let you in till he opens the door a crack and sees who it is."
" By jimminy, it's int' resting! I'd like to get a 10**