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160                          Tom Sawyer, Detective
found any di'monds. We found the screwdriver, and Hal says, ' What do you reckon he wanted with that?' I said I didn't know; but when he wasn't looking I hooked it. At last Hal he looked beat and discour­aged, and said we'd got to give it up. That was what I was waiting for. I says :
" There's one place we hain't searched.'
" ' What place is that?' he says.
" ' His stomach.'
" ' By gracious, I never thought of that! Now we're on the homestretch, to a dead moral certainty. How'11 we manage?'
" ' Well,' I says, ' just stay by him till I turn out and hunt up a drug store, and I reckon I'll fetch something that'll make them di'monds tired of the company they're keeping/
" He said that's the ticket, and with him looking straight at me I slid myself into Bud's boots instead of my own, and he never noticed. They was just a shade large for me, but that was considerable better than be­ing too small. I got my bag as I went a-groping through the hall, and in about a minute I was out the back way and stretching up the river road at a five-mile gait.
"And not feeling so very bad, neither — walking on di'monds don't have no such effect. When I had gone fifteen minutes I says to myself, there's more'n a mile behind me, and everything quiet. Another five minutes and I says there's considerable more land behind me now, and there's a man back there that's begun to