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Tom Sawyer, Detective                          175
So I done it. And I says:
" Well, me and Tom allowed we would come along afoot and take a smell of the woods, and we run across Lem Beebe and Jim Lane, and they asked us to go with them blackberrying to-night, and said they could bor­row Jubiter Dunlap's dog, because he had told them just that minute—"
"Where did they see him?" says the old man; and when I looked up to see how he come to take an intrust in a little thing like that, his eyes was just burning into me, he was that eager. It surprised me so it kind of throwed me off, but I pulled myself together again and says:
" It was when he was spading up some ground along with you, towards sundown or along there."
He only said, "Urn," in a kind of a disappointed way, and didn't take no more intrust. So I went on. I says:
"Well, then, as I was a-saying—"
"That'll do, you needn't go no furder." It was Aunt Sally. She was boring right into me with her eyes, and very indignant. " Huck Finn," she says, " how'd them men come to talk about going a-black-berrying in September — in this region?"
I see I had slipped up, and I couldn't say a word. She waited, still a-gazing at me, then she says:
"And how'd they come to strike that idiot idea of going a-blackberrying in the night?"
"Well, m'm, they — er — they told us they had a lantern, and—"