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Tom Sawyer, Detective                         207
diseased, at one time and another, and how it got worse and worse and everybody was talking about it, and how diseased got afraid of his life, and told two or three of them he was certain Uncle Silas would up and kill him some time or another.
Tom and our lawyer asked them some questions; but it warn't no use, they stuck to what they said.
Next, they called up Lem Beebe, and he took the stand. It come into my mind, then, how Lem and Jim Lane had come along talking, that time, about borrow­ing a dog or something from Jubiter Dunlap; and that brought up the blackberries and the lantern; and that brought up Bill and Jack Withers, and how they passed by, talking about a nigger stealing Uncle Silas's corn; and that fetched up our old ghost that come along about the same time and scared us so — and here he was too, and a privileged character, on accounts of his being deef and dumb and a stranger, and they had fixed him a chair inside the railing, where he could cross his legs and be comfortable, whilst the other people was all in a jam so they couldn't hardly breathe. So it all come back to me just the way it was that day; and it made me mournful to think how pleasant it was up to then, and how miserable ever since.
Lem Beebe; sworn, said: "I was a-coming along, that day, second of
September, and Jim Lane was with me, and it was towards sundown, and
we heard loud talk, like quarrelling, and we was very close, only the hazel
bushes between (that's along the fence); and we heard a voice say, ' I've
told you more'n once I'd kill you,' and knowed it was this prisoner's voice;
and then we see a club come up above the bushes and down out of sight
again, and heard a smashing thump and then a groan or two; and then we 14