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214                         Tom Sawyer, Detective
to a dead certainty]—" and in that moment I've told you about, I forgot my God and remembered only my heart's bitterness, God forgive me, and I struck to kill. In one second I was miserably sorry — oh, filled with remorse; but I thought of my poor family, and I must hide what I'd done for their sakes; and I did hide that corpse in the bushes; and presently I carried it to the tobacker field; and in the deep night I went with my shovel and buried it where—"
Up jumps Tom and shouts:
"Now, I've got it!" and waves his hand, oh, ever so fine and starchy, towards the old man, and says:
"Set down! A murder was done, but you never had no hand in it!"
Well, sir, you could a heard a pin drop. And the old man he sunk down kind of bewildered in his seat and Aunt Sally and Benny didn't know it, because they was so astonished and staring at Tom with their mouths open and not knowing what they was about. And the whole house the same. I never seen people look so helpless and tangled up, and I hain't ever seen eyes bug out and gaze without a blink the way theirn did. Tom says, perfectly ca'm:
" Your honor, may I speak?"
" For God's sake, yes — go on!" says the judge, so astonished and mixed up he didn't know what he was about hardly.
Then Tom he stood there and waited a second or two
— that was for to work up an " effect," as he calls it
— then he started in just as ca'm as ever, and says: