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218                          Tom Sawyer, Detective
towards sundown he come to the bunch of sycamores down by Uncle Silas's field, and he went in there to get a disguise out of his hand-bag and put it on before he showed himself here in the town — and mind you he done that just a little after the time that Uncle Silas was hitting Jubiter Dunlap over the head with a club — for he did hit him.
" But the minute the pals see that thief slide into the bunch of sycamores, they jumped out of the bushes and slid in after him.
" They fell on him and clubbed him to death.
" Yes, for all he screamed and howled so, they never had no mercy on him, but clubbed him to death. And two men that was running along the road heard him yelling that way, and they made a rush into the syca­more bunch — which was where they was bound for, anyway — and when the pals saw them they lit out and the two new men after them a-chasing them as tight as they could go. But only a minute or two — then these two new men slipped back very quiet into the syca­mores.
" Then what did they do ? I will tell you what they done. They found where the thief had got his disguise out of his carpet-sack to put on; so one of them strips and puts on that disguise."
Tom waited a little here, for some more " effect,'—. then he says, very deliberate:
" The man that put on that dead man's disguise was — Jubiter Dunlap I''
"Great Scott!" everybody shouted, all over the