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222                          Tom Sawyer, Detective
ing out that stuff about him killing Jubiter Dunlap, I catched that glimpse again, and this time I jumped up and shut down the proceedings, because I knowed Jubiter Dunlap was a-setting here before me. I knowed him by a thing which I seen him do — and I remem­bered it. I'd seen him do it when I was here a year ago."
He stopped then, and studied a minute — laying for an "effect"—I knowed it perfectly well. Then he turned off like he was going to leave the platform, and says, kind of lazy and indifferent:
"Well, I believe that is all."
Why, you never heard such a howl!— and it come from the whole house:
" What was it you seen him do? Stay where you are, you little devil! You think you are going to work a body up till his mouth's a-watering and stop there? What was it he done?"
That was it, you see — he just done it to get an " effect " ; you couldn't 'a' pulled him off of that plat­form with a yoke of oxen.
" Oh, it wasn't anything much," he says. " I seen him looking a little excited when he found Uncle Silas was actuly fixing to hang himself for a murder that warn't ever done; and he got more and more nervous and worried, I a-watching him sharp but not seeming to look at him — and all of a sudden his hands begun to work and fidget, and pretty soon his left crept up and his finger drawed a cross on his cheek, and then I had him!"