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Tom Sawyer, Detective                          223
Well, then they ripped and howled and stomped and clapped their hands till Tom Sawyer was that proud and happy he didn't know what to do with him­self.
And then the judge he looked down over his pulpit and says:
" My boy, did you see all the various details of this strange conspiracy and tragedy that you've been de­scribing?"
" No, your honor, I didn't see any of them"
"Didn't see any of them! Why, you've told the whole history straight through, just the same as if you'd seen it with your eyes. How did you manage that?"
Tom says, kind of easy and comfortable:
" Oh, just noticing the evidence and piecing this and that together, your honor; just an ordinary little bit of detective work; anybody could 'a' done it."
" Nothing of the kind ! Not two in a million could 'a' done it. You are a very remarkable boy."
Then they let go and give Tom another smashing round, and he — well, he wouldn't 'a' sold out for a silver mine. Then the judge says:
" But are you certain you've got this curious history straight?"
"Perfectly, your honor. Here is Brace Dunlap —
let him deny his share of it if he wants to take the
chance; I'll engage to make him wish he hadn't said
anything......Well, you see he's pretty quiet. And
his brother's pretty quiet, and them four witnesses that 15