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224                          Tom Sawyer, Detective
lied so and got paid for it, they're pretty quiet. And as for Uncle Silas, it ain't any use for him to put in his oar, I wouldn't believe him under oath!"
Well, sir, that fairly made them shout; and even the judge he let go and laughed. Tom he was just feeling like a rainbow. When they was done laughing he looks up at the judge and says:
" Your honor, there's a thief in this house."
"A thief?"
"Yes, sir. And he's got them twelve-thousand-dollar di'monds on him."
By gracious, but it made a stir! Everybody went shouting:
"Which is him? which is him? p'int him out!"
And the judge says :
" Point him out, my lad. Sheriff, you will arrest him. Which one is it?"
Tom says:
" This late dead man here — Jubiter Dunlap."
Then there was another thundering let-go of astonish­ment and excitement; but Jubiter, which was astonished enough before, was just fairly putrified with astonish­ment this time. And he spoke up, about half crying, and says:
" Now that's a lie. Your honor, it ain't fair; I'm plenty bad enough without that. I done the other things — Brace he put me up to it, and persuaded me, and promised he'd make me rich, some day, and I done it, and I'm sorry I done it, and I wisht I hadn't; but I hain't stole no di'monds, and I hain't got no di'monds;