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Tom Sawyer, Detective                       225
I wisht I may never stir if it ain't so. The sheriff can search me and see."
Tom says:
" Your honor, it wasn't right to call him a thief, and I'll let up on that a little. He did steal the di'monds, but he didn't know it. He stole them from his brother Jake when he was laying dead, after Jake had stole them from the other thieves; but Jubiter didn't know he was stealing them; and he's been swelling around here with them a month; yes, sir, twelve thousand dollars' worth of di'monds on him all that riches, and going around here every day just like a poor man. Yes, your honor, he's got them on him now."
The judge spoke up and says:
" Search him, sheriff."
Well, sir, the sheriff he ransacked him high and low, and everywhere: searched his hat, socks, seams, boots, everything and Tom he stood there quiet, laying for another of them effects of hisn. Finally the sheriff he give it up, and everybody looked disappointed, and Jubiter says:
" There, now! what'd I tell you?"
And the judge says:
"It appears you were mistaken this time, my boy."
Then Tom took an attitude and let on to be studying with all his might, and scratching his head. Then all of a sudden he glanced up chipper, and says:
" Oh, now I've got it! I'd forgot."
Which was a lie, and I knowed it. Then he says: 15**