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236                      The Stolen White Elephant
matter to him, detail by detail. Then he said in the clear, decisive tones of a man whose plans are clearly defined in his head, and who is accustomed to com­mand :
" Captain Burns, detail Detectives Jones, Davis, Halsey, Bates, and Hackett to shadow the elephant,"
" Yes, sir."
"Detail Detectives Moses, Dakin, Murphy, Rogers, Tupper, Higgins, and Bartholomew to shadow the thieves."
" Yes, sir."
" Place a strong guard — a guard of thirty picked men, with a relief of thirty — over the place from whence the elephant was stolen, to keep strict watch there night and day, and allow none to approach — except reporters — without written authority from me.''
"Yes, sir."
" Place detectives in plain clothes in the railway, steamship, and ferry depots, and upon all roadways leading out of Jersey City, with orders to search all suspicious persons."
" Yes, sir."
" Furnish all these men with photograph and accom­panying description of the elephant, and instruct them to search all trains and outgoing ferry-boats and other vessels."
" Yes, sir."
" If the elephant should be found, let him be seized, and the information forwarded to me by telegraph."
" Yes, sir."
" Let me be informed at once if any clews should be found — footprints of the animal, or anything of that kind."
" Yes, sir."
" Get an order commanding the harbor police to patrol the frontages vigilantly."