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The Stolen White Elephant                      2} 7
"Yes, sir."
" Despatch detectives in plain clothes over all the railways, north as far as Canada, west as far as Ohio, south as far as Washington."
" Yes, sir."
" Place experts in all the telegraph offices to listen to all messages; and let them require that all cipher dispatches be interpreted to them."
" Yes, sir."
" Let all these things be done with the utmost secrecy mind, the most impenetrable secrecy."
"Yes, sir."
" Report to me promptly at the usual hour."
" Yes, sir."
" Yes, sir."
He was gone.
Inspector Blunt was silent and thoughtful a moment, while the fire in his eye cooled down and faded out. Then he turned to me and said in a placid voice:
4 4 I am not given to boasting, it is not my habit; but we shall find the elephant."
I shook him warmly by the hand and thanked him; and I felt my thanks, too. The more I had seen of the man the more I liked him and the more I admired him and marveled over the mysterious wonders of his profession. Then we parted for the night, and I went home with a far happier heart than I had carried with me to his office.