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The Stolen White Elephant                     241
Flower Station, N. Y., 7.30 a.m.
Have got a clew. Found a succession of deep tracks across a farm near here. Followed them two miles east without result; think elephant went west. Shall now shadow him in that direction.
Darley, Detective.
" Darley's one of the best men on the force," said the inspector. "We shall hear from him again be­fore long."
Telegram No. 2 came:
Barker's, N. J., 7.40 a.m.
Just arrived. Glass factory broken open here during night, and eight
hundred bottles taken. Only water in large quantity near here is five miles
distant. Shall strike for there. Elephant will be thirsty. Bottles were
Baker, Detective.
" That promises well, too," said the inspector. " I told you the creature's appetites would not be bad clews."
Telegram No. 3 :
Taylorville, L. I., 8.15 A.M.
A haystack near here disappeared during night. Probably eaten.
Have got a clue, and am off.
Hubbard, Detective.
" How he does move around!" said the inspector. 111 knew we had a difficult job on hand, but we shall catch him yet."
Flower Station, N. Y., 9 a.m.
Shadowed the tracks three miles westward. Large, deep, and ragged. Have just met a farmer who says they are not elephant tracks. Says they are holes where he dug up saplings for shade-trees when ground was frozen last winter. Give me orders how to proceed.
Darley, Detective,
"Aha! a confederate of the thieves! The thing grows warm," said the inspector. 16**