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242                     The Stolen White Elephant
He dictated the following telegram to Darley:
Arrest the man and force him to name his pals. Continue to follow the
tracks—to the Pacific, if necessary.
Chief Blunt.
Next telegram:
Coney Point, Pa., 8.45 a.m.
Gas office broken open here during night and three months' unpaid gas bills taken. Have got a clue and am away.
Murphy, Detective.
" Heavens!" said the inspector; " would he eat gas bills?"
"Through ignorance — yes; but they cannot sup­port life. At least, unassisted."
Now came this exciting telegram:
Ironville, N. Y., 9.30 A.M.
Just arrived. This village in consternation. Elephant passed through here at five this morning. Some say he went east, some say west, some north, some south — but all say they did not wait to notice particularly. He killed a horse; have secured a piece of it for a clew. Killed it with his trunk; from style of blow, think he struck it left-handed. From posi­tion in which horse lies, think elephant traveled northward along line of Berkley railway. Has four and a half hours' start, but I move on his track at once.
Hawes, Detective.
I  uttered exclamations of joy. The inspector was as self-contained as a graven image. He calmly touched his bell.
" Alaric, send Captain Burns here."
Burns appeared.
" How many men are ready for instant orders?"
" Ninety-six, sir."
" Send them north at once. Let them concentrate along the line of the Berkley road north of Ironville." "Yes, sir."