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The Stolen White Elephant                     245
Done.— P. T. Barnum.
So interrupted the clicking telegraphic instrument. Before I could make a comment upon this extraordi­nary episode, the following dispatch carried my thoughts into another and very distressing channel:
Bolivia, N. Y., 12.50.
Elephant arrived here from the south and passed through toward the forest at 11.50, dispersing a funeral on the way, and diminishing the mourn­ers by two. Citizens fired some small cannon-balls into him, and then fled. Detective Burke and I arrived ten minutes later, from the north, but mis­took some excavations for footprints, and so lost a good deal of time; but at last we struck the right trail and followed it to the woods. We then got down on our hands and knees and continued to keep a sharp eye on the track, and so shadowed it into the brush. Burke was in advance. Unfor­tunately the animal had stopped to rest; therefore, Burke having his head down, intent upon the track, butted up against the elephant's hind legs before he was aware of his vicinity. Burke instantly arose to his feet, seized the tail, and exclaimed joyfully, " I claim the re—" but got no fur­ther, for a single blow of the huge trunk laid the brave fellow's fragments low in death. I fled rearward, and the elephant turned and shadowed me to the edge of the wood, making tremendous speed, and I should inevitably have been lost, but that the remains of the funeral providentially intervened again and diverted his attention. I have just learned that nothing of that funeral is now left; but this is no loss, for there is abundance of material for another. Meantime, the elephant has disappeared again.
Mulrooney, Detective.
We heard no news except from the diligent and con­fident detectives scattered about New Jersey, Pennsyl­vania, Delaware, and Virginia — who were all following fresh and encouraging clews — until shortly after 2 P. M., when this telegram came:
Baxter Center, 2.15.
Elephant been here, plastered over with circus-bills, and broke up a revival, striking down and damaging many who were on the point of enter­ing upon a better life. Citizens penned him up and established a guard.