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250                      The Stolen White Elephant
" In compromises they always get half." This removed my only objection. So the inspector wrote two notes, in this form:
Dear Madam,— Your husband can make a large sum of money (and
be entirely protected from the law) by making an immediate appointment
with me.
Chief Blunt.
He sent one of these by his confidential messenger to the " reputed wife" of Brick Duffy, and the other to the reputed wife of Red McFadden.
Within the hour these offensive answers came:
Ye Owld fool : brick McDuffys bin ded 2 yere.
Bridget Mahoney.
Chief Bat,— Red McFadden is hung and in heving 18 month. Any
Ass but a detective knose that.
Mary O'Hooligan.
"I had long suspected these facts," said the in­spector; " this testimony proves the unerring accuracy of my instinct."
The moment one resource failed him he was ready with another. He immediately wrote an advertisement for the morning papers, and I kept a copy of it:
A.— xwblv. 242 N. Tjnd — fz328wmlg. Ozpo,—; 2 m! ogw. Mum.
He said that if the thief was alive this would bring him to the usual rendezvous. He further explained that the usual, rendezvous was a place where all busi­ness affairs between detectives and criminals were con­ducted. This meeting would take place at twelve the next night.
We could do nothing till then, and I lost no time in getting out of the office, and was grateful indeed for the privilege.
At 11 the next night I brought $100,000 in bank