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The Stolen White Elephant                      251
notes and put them into the chief's hands, and shortly afterward he took his leave, with the brave old un-dimmed confidence in his eye. An almost intolerable hour dragged to a close; then I heard his welcome tread, and rose gasping and tottered to meet him. How his fine eyes flamed with triumph ! He said :
"We've compromised! The jokers will sing a dif­ferent tune to-morrow! Follow me!"
He took a lighted candle and strode down into the vast vaulted basement where sixty detectives always slept, and where a score were now playing cards to while the time. I followed close after him. He walked swiftly down to the dim and remote end of the place, and just as I succumbed to the pangs of suffoca­tion and was swooning away he stumbled and fell over the outlying members of a mighty object, and I heard him exclaim as he went down:
" Our noble profession is vindicated. Here is your elephant!''
I was carried to the office above and restored with carbolic acid. The whole detective force swarmed in, and such another season of triumphant rejoicing ensued as I had never witnessed before. The reporters were called, baskets of champagne were opened, toasts were drunk, the handshakings and congratulations were con­tinuous and enthusiastic. Naturally the chief was the hero of the hour, and his happiness was so complete and had been so patiently and worthily and bravely won that it made me happy to see it, though I stood there a homeless beggar, my priceless charge dead, and my position in my country's service lost to me through what would always seem my fatally careless execution of a great trust. Many an eloquent eye testified its deep admiration for the chief, and many a detective's voice murmured, "Look at him — just the king of the profession; only give him a clew, it's all